Stewards of the past. Ambassadors to the future.

Stewards of the past. Ambassadors to the future.

Stewards of the past. Ambassadors to the future.Stewards of the past. Ambassadors to the future.Stewards of the past. Ambassadors to the future.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Foggy valley

Q. Are you all volunteers? 

A. Yes! Every Silent Rider is a volunteer.

Q. I am from a museum, school, non-profit, or community event. Will the Silent Riders participate in an event for us?

A. Yes, as long as your event has some historical aspect, such as commemorating a historic event, promoting western heritage, or some other connection to the history of the Comstock. Please reach out to us through the 'Contact Us' link.

Q. Do you charge or accept donations?

A. Never! We are not a fundraising organization. If we are appearing at an event for you, we just ask that you be mindful that we are volunteering our time and have simple refreshments available. 

Q. I see a lot of you carrying guns. Are they real?

A. Usually yes. In the state of Nevada, the open carry of firearms is legal. Rest assured, safety is always priority one. Please dont ask us to draw our guns, and NEVER grab or tug on them. During public events, they may be loaded with theatrical blanks, which are very dangerous if used improperly. 

Q. Do you give tours around town?

A. Tours are organized by the Virginia City Visitor's Center, located on the corner of C Street & Taylor. Some Slient Riders are also Docents, but our group doesn't act as a tour guide service. The Visitor Center can be reached at 775.847.7500 during business hours.

Q. Are you here every day?

A. Yes and no. We dont have a schedule, and most of us work full time jobs. The best time to find us in groups are weekends, but most weekdays you'll find at least one or two. 

Q. Can you tell me about the town's history?

A. Yes! Every member can speak to the history of the town, and if they don't know the answer to a specific question, chances are they will know who does. 

Q. Can you give me directions  to.......?

A. Yes! We want you to have a great experience in Virginia City, so we love being helpful. 

Q. Do you do private events like weddings?

A. Generally no. Our mission is promoting the history of Virginia City and the Comstock. We focus on community, educational and not-for-profit events, and we are not entertainers.

Q. How many members do you have?

A. As of December 2019, we had just over 50 members.

Q. Do you all live here?

A. Some members live and work on the Comstock, and some live in the surrounding communities. 

Q. Where did the name 'Silent Riders' come from?

A. Since law & order was often scarce on the frontier, citizens often formed "Vigilance Committees" to keep an eye on the community and deal with problems and crime. When a problem arose, the Silent Riders would mount up and discreetly spread the word to other members that help was needed. Using this approach, members could remain largely anonymous to the general public and not cause a panic.

Q. Why the red ribbon?

A. The red ribbon was tied around a tree, pole, post, or other visible place to let other Silent Riders know where an action was going to occur. Now, the ribbon is often displayed outside of an establishment to show we are inside.

Q. I see lots of people around Virginia City in Old West & Victorian attire. Are they all Silent Riders?

A. No, there are several groups and even individuals in Virginia City that keep the history of the town alive through activities and period attire. Some regular folks just want to step back in time for a day and rent outfits to walk around town! Silent Riders will have a badge, noose shaped lapel pin or pendant, a red ribbon, or challenge coin to identify themselves.